I am the Summer Queen
and I love beautiful things! This is a hipster/fandom/fashion blog. I'm 21 and a proud Hufflepuff! I'm an enormous movie fanatic, and I love writing and making art. Please enjoy my blog, and don't be afraid to talk to me!

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ROMWE Cat Print Lapel Flouncing Sleeves Pink Blouse

My friend from high school and I are going hiking tomorrow! WE DECIDED THIS LIKE 20 MINUTES AGO OMFG WE’RE LEAVING TOWN AT 8AM I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

I’m sort of glad I’m not at Comic Con… I think being around ALL of those thousands of people would drain me. Also, I would definitely be stampeded because I’m so short.

Kiki’s Delivery Service1989 Japanese theatrical poster
  •  When someone you hardly know irl asks for your tumblr url
  • You: What's a Tumblr? Those little cups that you put iced coffee in?

Angel Food Cake
 More cake & cookie & baking inspiration: http://ift.tt/1404eu8

And this makes me sad…